Simpex Sl 30W Dual Color Led Video Light on Amazon

Simpex SL30 30W Video Lights are perfect for Youtube Video Shooting Portrait and Product Photography. The light creates stable and uniform light resource and even illumination for photography and Videograpy. The product comes with REF.21cm, a Diffuser and an AC Adapter.

Model: SL-30W
AC Adapter to shoot non-stop
Dual colour tone
Color corrected light output
Comes with 21CM Elinchrom Mount Reflector and Diffuser with white cloth for soft light effect
Power: Max. 30W
Compact & Light Weight Housing
Compatible With Elinchrom Mount Light Modifiers
Soft LED Video Light works as extra bright light; Perfect for Youtubers and other Professionals
Dimmer control knob allows to adjust Intensity of light
Product dimensions: 4X5X8 Inch
Package weight: 1.6 KG

Package List:
1 Simpex SL 30 W LED light
1 AC Adapter

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